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Headaches, neck pain, upper and low back pain can be a very hindering and/or debilitating problem. The real problem is that after you have pain for a while you will start to get used to it. You begin to think that it's normal. Another reason you may think pain is normal is because people around you have the same problems and typically your doctor will tell you it's okay, just take Advil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. That’s okay, right?? Unfortunately it's not. Headaches, neck pain and back pain, in general, are conditions that are very frustrating to a Medical Doctor. The only solutions they can give you are pain pills, injections, physical therapy or surgery. While those things may give temporary pain relief, it does not fix the underlying problem and the pain comes back.
So what causes headaches, neck pain & upper or lower back pain?

A large percentage of headaches, neck pain and back pain are not caused by a major accident. Simple, repetitive motions like lifting, twisting, or bending your neck while sitting at a computer are the more likely cause. After many years, those repetitive motions make small changes to how your spinal bones sit. This is called a misalignment, or subluxation. When this happens, the delicate nerves that runs between the bones can become irritated. Those nerves control the muscles that surround your neck, shoulders, head, upper and lower back, which can cause the muscles to spasm…ouch!... or even atrophy after a long period of time.


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