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Chiropractor Isaac Alan Mooberry DC Doctor of Chiropractic

Chiropractor Cherry Creek CO Isaac Mooberry

The first time Dr. Mooberry was adjusted by a chiropractor as a child he saw how quickly it worked for his back pain.  But, what took time and experience for him to learn was that there was much more happening when he got adjusted.  He realized that when his spinal bones were out of alignment they were putting pressure on his nerves, this was cutting off the vital nerve energy that his body needed to function and heal.  This is the secret jewel of chiropractic that has fueled Dr. Mooberry to spreading the chiropractic message to his patients and the public.  Dr. Mooberry has been practicing chiropractic for over 10 years and he has helped thousands of patients from new born babies to the elderly to improve their health.  He is passionate about educating his patients and the public on how their bodies truly work and how they can experience true health and healing.  He is very involved with donating his time to the Colorado Chiropractic Association, he is the current president and he has served on their board for several years.

Rehabilitation Technician

A rehabilitation technician is someone who is trained in physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques; they’re trained as an advanced personal trainer who also has the skills and understanding of a doctor of chiropractic. Our rehabilitation specialist are kind caring motivating and persistent. Having a rehabilitation specialist means that you get the one-on-one attention that you need when implementing a physical therapy and rehabilitation program. We have seen that a big downfall to rehabilitation and physical therapy programs has been that a person starts off strong, and overtime begins to lose their ummpph. Also when someone is shown an exercise, we found that it’s important to be shown several times until you get the correct form that’s needed to rehabilitate your body. We think you will enjoy having this one on one attention and you’ll find it one the most unique experiences you’ve ever had in a doctor’s office.

Karina - Care Coordinator

This staff member is assigned to you to help assist you with your scheduling needs. They are designated to make sure that you complete the recommended care plan by the doctor. We know that life comes up, you’re going to have that vacations, you can have emergencies, but the care coordinator is trained especially to make sure that they stay on top of your scheduling needs. If you need to reschedule appointment, they will be right there waiting for your call and making sure they get rescheduled. We have found that this is a necessary step when helping to assist patients back to health. When someone’s in pain its not always easy to remember all the things on your schedule, our care coordinator will give you reminder calls, reminder text message, and even reminder e-mails upon your request. We hope that you appreciate this individualized service that has been carefully thought through for your benefit.

Melanie - Public Outreach Specialists

Our office is a strong supporter of nonprofit organizations and supports many charities. We will regularly donate health lectures on topics such as ‘how to turn your body into a fat burning machine’, ‘natural solutions to arthritis’, ‘natural solutions to digestive problems’, and many more. We also donate massage therapist to corporations to give a little bit of employee pamper and relaxation. Our public outreach specialist coordinates it’s outside health fairs, health events, and even marathons runs and walks. We participate with about 20 to 30 local charities to help raise money for animal shelters, battered women, and even local churches. Our public outreach specialists are available at any time to help coordinate one of our events for your church, group, business or organization.


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